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Horned Hennin
WIP not yet online
Fleur de lis sideless surcote and red linen kirtle.
WIP not yet online


18th century pannier

Floral 50s dress


My historical Belle dress. 

Summer dress

Ariel cosplay

Rococo Elsa Cosplay


Blue dress
I made for a friend's wedding. Her theme was silver and blue.

I made these for a lolita mini-tea party in Vienna.

I really like how the dress turned out. I am just not satisfied with the seam.
Wip 1 2

I later found out that they were actually much larger. Oh well.

They fit me much better than the first I made.

This project was a pure catastrophe. I think the corset turned out wobbly and doesn't really fit me. 

I made so many mistakes with that, it was a real failed project.

 Historical Alice in Wonderland
Wip: 1


WIP 1 2 3

 Ariel Art nouveau vers. by Hannah Alexander

Ion from Trinity Blood. Picture by Greencat.
WIP 1 2

I used wool and linen. It turned out okay but I think I can do better.

Floral Bolero
This was a cute and easy bolero for my mother.

Polka dot skirt
Very easy project. I especially like the ruffles at the bottom.

Edwardian bust improver
This was an easy project which didn't take long.

18th century stays
My first pay of stays and they were a catastrophe. I made new ones in 2017.

Pale pink Victorian corset
Not happy about that project either. I should have added hip gores for a better fit.

Small ribbon embroidered pouch
Again a present for my mother.

White lolita bolero
Easy but super cute project.

1920s-1940s Camisole
Simple and easy. The pattern is from the intimacies vintage collection form Nehelenia patterns.

Crochet collar


Burgundian flared court dress

Anri child vers. from Adekan
Wip: 1 2 3 4 5

Ange from Cross Ange
Wip:  Bag Gloves

Hungary wedding gown version from Axis powers Hetalia.
Wip: 1 2 3

Hungary 7 years war version from Axis powers Hetalia 

Wip: 1 2 3 4


Merry-go-round pony by Sakizou
Wip 1 2 3 4 5

 Haruka Nanami from Uta no prince-sama


 Female Norway from Axis powers Hetalia

Nyo!Hetalia Austria from Axis powers hetalia 

 Mirka Fortuna from Trinity Blood
Wip 1 2 3 

 Chrono guards by Kagehana

Hikari from Strawberry Panic

Ion Fortuna from trinity blood/ Old version.
Wip: 1 2  3


 Shiro from Adekan
Wip 1 2 3

Tatjana from Eugin Onegin

Nyo!Austria in a dirndl version from Axis powers hetalia

Shiro in a child version from Adekan
Wip 1

Nyo!England in a historical costume from Axis powers Hetalia

Wip 1

Hungary historical version from Axis powers Hetalia
Wip 1 2


Mikoto from Princess Princess

Anastasia secret dress version from shadow hearts

  Taiwan in her asian class uniform from Axis powers hetalia


 Hungary chess version from Axis powers Hetalia

Yui from K-on

Nile from Goulart Knights*

Kanon from Umineko no naka koro ni*


Rosa, Nyo!England from Axis powers Hetalia

Itsuki from Sengoku Basara*

 Alec from the book "nightrunner series" by Lynn Flewelling

 Finland from Axis powers hetalia

Taiwan from Axis powers hetalia

Liechtenstein in a historical version from Axis powers hetalia*

Firi from Lamento*

Sealand from Axis powers Hetalia*

Ayase from Okane ga nai*

Chibi romano from axis powers hetalia*

Nyo!America from axis powers hetalia*


Lily Evans from Harry potter*

Shuichi from Gravitation

Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler*

Rin from Togainu no chi*

Hikari from Strawberry panic*

Shuichi in an Artbook version from Gravition

Sunao Fujimori from Sukisyo



Ruiza from the band D*

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